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5 Tips for Creating a Fantastic Feature Wall

A feature wall is a great way to give any room in your house The Wow Factor


  • Which wall should you choose?

It should ideally be the wall that immediately grabs your attention when you first enter a room. Whilst walls that hold the mantel, fireplace or TV can be a great choice for this design, be mindful to avoid walls with windows or doors as they will minimize the effect you are trying to create. If you’re using the living room, working with the wall the sofa runs along is a great idea. And if you’re updating a bedroom, using the wall at the head of the bed is a fantastic choice.


  • Choose your colour scheme carefully

The colour scheme of your feature wall should complement and accentuate the rest of your room. If you decide on a bold, bright, or patterned theme, ensure that the other walls use softer, more neutral tones. This way your feature wall will really pop and grab the eye’s attention.


  • Size matters

Avoid incorporating a feature wall into small living spaces or tiny rooms. It can make the area look cluttered and even smaller. If you do want to add personality to this type of space, be bold and cover each wall with the same pattern or colour.


  • Is your room already too crowded?

If you have a lot of furniture or an awkward layout, avoid adding a feature wall! This type of wall should be the highlight and focal point of your room, if you add it where it really doesn’t belong, you can create a chaotic-looking living space. 


  • Don’t be afraid to mix your materials

Even if the majority of your room uses paint to decorate the walls, it’s still a great idea to use wallpaper, tiles or stone for the feature wall. It can really enhance the space you’re working with. 

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